Consultation & Supervision

As a mental health professional who has walked in the non-profit and for profit worlds, I believe in the power of supporting other professionals learn and grow within their own professional journey. Therefore, I provide consultations within the following services:

  • Practice Growth, Workflows, and Documentation
  • All things Private Practice Setup (in state of California)
  • Clinical Supervision for Unlicensed Professionals (AMFT, APCC, and ACSW) in California
  • How To Provide Clinical Supervision and Set Up Structures for Clinical Supervisors
  • Peer Consultations
  • Colleague Collaborations
  • How to Travel as a Therapist while Providing Care and Support for Clients (e.g., technology needed and how to, Telehealth Setup, Law/ Ethics, and more…)

Guided by the heart of providing support to others reach their next level, I provide the presence of a fellow traveler in the practice world via discussion and collaboration that fuels where we travel within each session and what resources (some personally tailored) are unlocked along the path.

With this, I curate materials and guidance based on the unique needs of the individual or practice as a whole. Creativity and helping others is my passion and where my genius zone is most alive and thrives.

Consultation & Supervision Fees are $180 per session.
*I have limited spots available for reduced fees for those who demonstrate financial need.