What to Expect


Each person has various goals and challenges that are defined within therapy; therefore, therapy may look different for each individual.

In general, you can expect to discuss the past and current events in your life, how it is relevant to your current struggles, and report possible ongoing insights and progress being gleaned from therapy.  Depending on your specific needs, therapy may be short-term, focusing on a specific issue towards personal growth, or long-term, to respond to more challenging circumstances or even towards hierarchical self-actualization needs.  That is, the realization of the ideal self, discovery of our greatest potential, and self-fulfillment (aka the intentionally lived life in which we become the person we choose to be and live the life we desire).

Within the beginning stage of therapy, we will assess your needs and current level of functioning.  I will partner with you to develop individually tailored treatment goals.  Within this, for client’s entering through my private practice, I will ask that you complete the New Client Forms before our first session in order to get the most out of our time together.  Further, I may ask questions such as what led you to seek therapy.  Additional questions may stem from areas identified within the new client paperwork or through your own self-disclosure.  Please know the questions are purposeful and designed to develop an evolving plan that may address any areas identified as in need.  For client’s entering through my private practice, I typically meet with you one time per week during this stage.

I believe strongly in client-centered therapy and, therefore, will partner with you on this journey.

Within the next stage, I may continue to walk alongside you to uncover any additional areas that may need to be addressed; however, within this action-based stage, you will put what you have been learning, within your sessions, to practice within the rhythms of your everyday life.  I will typically meet with you one time per week to every other week during this time.

Finally, within the last stage, I will attempt to equip and empower you towards self-sustainability wherein you will learn to advocate for yourself and truly apply and build confidence within the therapeutic skills you have been learning.  I will typically meet with you every other week to one time per month during this time.

The ultimate goal is to set personally tailored goals within therapy and work towards accomplishing those goals.  I believe firmly in the philosophy of moving at your pace through this process of healing; therefore, I will check in with you throughout this time and determine the pace needed towards reaching your level of optimal functioning.

Within therapy, you are on a journey towards a proverbial destination (i.e., your treatment goals); however, the way in which you travel towards the destination may differ from client to client.  No worries, I will walk alongside you and design a personal roadmap to navigate this journey towards your desired destination, where resolution may be found.